Hello everyone! My name is Joan Anguita, I’m a marketing and advertising technician. I’m 26 y/o guy born and raised in lovely Mallorca island. I consider myself an observer of the world  keeping an eye around my surrounding, which I try to understand and analyze all details also how all our actions affect our life and society in general. So I consider this passive research part of my job and my hobby. Although I live in Mallorca, a very beautiful and popular island for me and for many other people I love traveling. I have traveled to many countries in Europe, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Hungary or Romania among others. Also I have been living for a while in Belgium whilst doing my Erasmus internship, in which I have always tried to get to know the local culture of each place from the inside, which I love because that knowledge helps me to apply actions to improve all of my ideas. In photography I base myself to be able to reflect moments, experiences, and landscapes in which I like to teleport and be able to remember moments. In the illustration I recreate those people, animals or objects in vectors, which allows me to see things from different views, and in the music I let my imagination fly.

I have created different web pages, and I help with advertising or strategy issues. Previously I’ve been working in the tourism industry for a tourist accommodation provider (Travel agency) as Channel manager something between IT and commercial, which I loved to work on, but because of Corona Virus issues, it’s time to find new horizons and here I am. 

I invite you to greet me, and for whatever I can help, do not hesitate to write to me.